SAP : Service d'Amorçage de Projet

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  1. florentine Member

    Lyon (France)
    french (France)
    Hello !

    Does anyone has an idea how to translate properly "Service d'Amorçage de Projet" ?
    It's often a service offer by a municipality or a group of municipalities to the population willing to set up a business, with offering support in building the project (social and economic... ).

    Thanks in advance !
  2. ThreeG Senior Member

    Many cities have Community Development Departments that do generally what you describe. To be sure, you could google Community Development Department to see whether the description these departments give of their functions is the correct fit.
  3. florentine Member

    Lyon (France)
    french (France)
    Thanks a lot ThreeG !
    Indeed, Community Development Development can fit, at the différence that it intervenes at a larger scale than just set-up of business. Thus, I keep it as a good translation and as my readers are not english native speaker, I'll add a short description...
    Thanks again :)

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