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    Hi everybody!
    I wish you a very good 2013!:thumbsup:
    I´m not sure about the meaning of "sap" here "But higher taxes and brinksmanship in Washington are likely to sap strength from the fragile economy well into 2013." (in 2013 Tax Rates To Rise, Even With Fiscal Cliff Deal By P. Wiseman and Christopher S. Rugaber Could the sentence be translated as something like this: "Pero es probable que los impuestos más altos y la política de riesgo calculado en Washington le quiten fuerza a la frágil economía ya avanzado el año 2013"?
    Thank you very much kind people!:)
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    está bien como dices o podrias decir ¨debilita
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    Thank you jcwoos! :)

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