Saquen una hoja de papel, etc.

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  1. 4znBoi Member

    What do these phrases mean?

    Saquen una hoja de papel.

    Sientense, por favor

    Repitan, por favor

    Silencio, por favor

    Levantense, por favor.

    Please give me the exact translation to english! thanks!
  2. Eugin

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    Can you give yourself a try with the sentences first and then we`ll correct your examples???
    That`s the best way for you to learn and, plus, those are the forum`s rules... in case you haven`t read them yet....
  3. ChicharoxP New Member

    Spanish , Mexico DF
    Take out a piece of paper

    Please take a sit

    Please repeat

    Silence Please

    Stand up Please

  4. JB

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    English (AE)
    All correct, except that Please take a sit should be Please take a seat. More literally, it is just Sit down, please. You should also know that all these commands are in the plural.

    Also, in your question:
    Please give me the exact translation to english! thanks!
    you should know that in English, the word English needs to be capitalized (but not in Spanish).

    If you are already doing formal, plural commands in first-semester Spanish, it sounds like a good class. I realize you are new to WR. Please take note of what Eugin said, and feel free to continue to use the forums. Good luck with your studies. Muy buena suerte.
  5. 4znBoi Member

    ok thanks everyone =]

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