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I've been told that Sarkozy means 'mud pile' in Hungarian, and that if you pronounce it 'à la française' (thus with a starting /s/), it means 'shit pile' in Hungarian. Is this true ?
  • The original orthography is Sárközy.

    sár = mud
    köz = approximately "a place amidst / between"
    -y / -i = adjectival ending

    Thus Sárköz is a toponymy meaning a region or place "amidst the mud", "between mud(s)" or something like this.... The name Sárközy is grammatically an adjective meaning "coming from / belonging to the place Sárköz".

    szar = shit

    Thus Szarközy could mean someone "coming from amidst the shit" or something similar :) ....

    The pronunciation of sár (mud) and szar (shit) are quite different in Hungarian ... The letter "s" is pronounced like the French "ch" and "sz" is pronounced like the French "s". There are other differences too, but let us not go into deep details ...