sas de sécurité (douche)


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I understand that 'le sas de sécurité' means something like 'double-doored security entrance', but the 'douche' element confuses me. The context is a visit to a historical site that is being restored ('passage par le sas de sécurité (douche) à l’entrée et à la sortie'). I suppose 'douche' is some kind of decontamination process, but is it an actual shower? That doesn't seem right to me...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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    I'm not sure what else it could be if not a shower, but without knowing more, and specifically the details of the restoration and whatever decontamination is taking place, it's impossible to tell.


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    However, yes, in some laboratories dealing with dangerous biological or chimical issues, the decontamination process includes receiving a decontaminant shower on your protective suit before taking it off.



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    I'm confused. Do they mean that if we want to visit the historical site we must
    passer par le sas de sécurité (et prendre une douche) à l'entrée et à la sortie ? ;)


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    Not water, but presumably air:
    Les douches à air permettent de décontaminer (...) La personne est soufflée avec de l'air propre par des buses d'air (...) et est ainsi nettoyée. Les particules délogées de la personne sont aspirées et filtrées.

    => sas de dépoussiérage (air shower)

    Air shower (room) - Wikipedia

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    When I was interpreting for a pig breeding company, more than once I had to pass through a (warm water) shower inwards and outwards, and put on a complete change of clothing. The aim was to protect the pigs from any infection I might bring in.

    So is this a site that might be sensitive to contamination by elements being brought inwards? You say that the context is a visit to a historical site - a visit by whom? The general public might not be expected to shower but this sounds like a site open to only a very restricted number of visitors.