satisfactory or satisfying

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Hi all,

I was wondering: what's the difference between satisfactory and satisfying?

Do we say: "our team's performance was satisfying" OR "our team's performance was satisfactory"?

Thanks in advance!
  • Hi. I don't disagree with Greyfriar at all with the basic bare sentence given; however, with other contexts and additions both might be possible:

    "Our team's performance was satisfactory." With no adverb of approval like "very sastisfactory," just plain "satisfactory" sounds like the team just barely met some minimum requirement of being okay.

    Still, as given, the "team's performance" is being ajudged almost as a neutral impersonal object.

    "Satisfying" could be used to personalize a reaction to the team performance by someone:

    "Our team's performance was satisfying to me" or "Our team's performance was satisfying to see" (by me or any others) and now I think the approval is understood in that kind of construction.
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