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Can anyone tell me which of the following sentences is correct?

A.) I am satisfied with my life now.
B.) I am satisfying with my life now.

I think A is correct.
  • SoLaTiDoberman

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    A -------- customer is a happy customer.
    1 . satisfaction
    2 . satisfy
    3 . satisfied
    4 . satisfying
    This is from TOEIC (test of English as international communication) test.
    I know the correct answer is 3, which is shown by the examiner.

    In this context, however, I think 4 can also make sense.
    "When a customer has a happy and smiley face, I'm satisfied with it. It's a proof that my service toward them is going well, which makes me satisfied too."

    Is it possible for native speakers to think in that way?


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    No, TOEIC is right that the only correct answer is #3 - "satisfied." The concept of a "satisfying customer" is a bit odd, though not impossible, but the link between the two concepts of a "satisfying customer" and a "happy customer" is just too tenuous to work in this sentence.


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    It might work the other way round, So:
    A happy customer is a satisfying customer.;)
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