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can 'satisfactory/unsatisfactory' be replaced by 'satisfying/unsatisfying' in the following sentences:
The service was more than satisfactory.
The solution was unsatisfactory.
The response was unsatisfactory.

Thanks for your replies.
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    No; "satisfying" and "unsatisfying" can generally not be used interchangeably.

    If you look each word up in the WR dictionary and click on the "In context" link at the upper right, you can see examples of how they're used.


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    "Satisfactory" and "satisfying" can often be used in the same sentence, but their meanings are different. The choice between them depends on what you want to say.

    For example, "the service was more than satisfactory" could be said about automobile repair. "The service was more than satisfying" might be said about a prostitute.


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    And even without the often-unavoidable sexual implications of "satisfying," the meaning is different:

    "Their evening meal was quite satisfying." = The meal was filling and good.

    "Their evening meal was quite satisfactory." = There was nothing at all wrong with the meal. It was perfectly adequate.
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