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Indian English
I was going through this post: -sause

I got this point. But I have a few question regarding this:

1. So this prefix can be added to an adjective to intensify its meaning?
But in case of "winsause" and "failsause", "win" and "fail" is definitely not adjective.
2. I read the #2 reply and wondering the new meaning of "win".
The example from that post: This whole movie is made of win!
What is the meaning of "win" here?
3. Meaning of "win-sause" and "fail-sause"?
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    Hello, Man from India. I took a look at your link. This appears to be some expression, probably invented and used by kids, to add emphasis to whatever adjective it modifies:
    "...that is weak-sauce" = "...that is really weak." I have no idea what "win-sauce" and "fail-sauce" might mean, but I sure hope you don't find yourself needing them in your writing, as nobody is going to understand what you're trying to say.

    I predict that this "-sauce" suffix will die out soon.
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