saunters through <airy half-raps>


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If the raps are just half, is the other half "tales of quarter-life crises"?

Thanks in advance

Vince Staples and Kilo Kish are brainy rappers who record primarily to de-thorn their sharp thoughts. Staples, from Long Beach, California, dishes angular stanzas about family, friends, and the ills of fame with a back-of-the-classroom cool, and Kish, from Orlando, saunters through airy half-raps, weaving tales of quarter-life crises. Their pairing on a tour, including a stop at Terminal 5 on March 30, is just as intriguing as their lyrics: two vivid personalities who sidestep common pop tropes, and who stoke young devotees aspiring to a similar tone.

By The New Yorker

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    I think it means that the rap songs he sings (or recites?) are not completely rap; that's why they are called half-rap. It doesn't mean that there's an other half which is something else.

    "Quarter-life crises" is a play on "midlife crisis" which is defined by the WR dictionary as a stressful period in middle age that can be caused by various factors. As these people are presumably much younger, any psychological crises they suffer from are "quarter-life crises" (a term made up for this context).
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