1. noddy

    noddy Senior Member

    English Uk
    Saupoudrage has been used in a text I am reading to mean that measures are being used to combat the global food price increases but these measures are too general and so have little effect (= Saupoudrage). Can anyone help me with an idiomatic way of saying this in English
  2. Argyll Senior Member

    wouldn't the noun 'a sprinkling' convey that idea?
  3. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    Crug Hywel
    UK English
    How about a drop in the ocean. It's perhaps a little bit more dramatic than a sprinkling but it gets over the idea. Sprinkling makes me think of cake decorations or a little bit of snow.
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  4. langref90 New Member

    I would use to the verb
    "to stratch the surface" to convey this meaning.

    Better late than never!

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