save during those intervals of torpor to which....

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mandarin- china
"His eyes were sharp and piercing, save during those intervals of torpor to which I have alluded" from A Study in Scarlet

what does save mean in this context?
intervals means eyes?
what does this sentence mean?
allude: recall of a memory?
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    1. "Save" means "except" here.
    2. No, it refers to periods of time.
    3. "His eyes were sharp and piercing, except during those periods I have referred to in which he was torpid."
    4. No, "allude to" means "refer to; mention," usually somewhat indirectly.


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    Where did you see this, maomaocindy?

    We ask you to give name the source of any quotation.
    You should also tell us something about what was happening or being discussed. In this case, who was 'he'? What was he doing? Who is the person telling the story, the one who says 'I'? And so on.


    mandarin- china
    It's from A Study in Scarlet; Watson is describing Holmes.
    That's right. It's from A Study in Scarlet. Thank you for answering questions for me. We don't apply "save" as "except" that much, right? I would never have guessed it right for usage of save. Thank you so much.

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    The OED lists a number of quite modern examples, so it still has modern currency in certain contexts. You might notice it again, now you've seen it once.
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