saying 9,800 dollars /$9800: ninety-eight hundred?


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I've read some other threads on reading numbers but I couldn't find my answer in them.

I'm wondering if native speakers read numbers that are a thousand (or several thousand) with a hundred (or with several hundred) two ways, except for when the number is to indicate years.

For example, do you read $9800 “ninety-eight hundred dollars” or “nine thousand eight hundred dollars” or any other way?

Thank you.
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    Either ninety-eight hundred dollars” or “nine thousand, eight hundred dollars” is correct and common. The former is a little more casual.


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    I wouldn't say ninety-eight hundred. (I might say' nine thousand, eight hundred', or if the context is clear even 'nine thousand eight' and 'nine, eight'.) There's a BrE-AmE difference here, I reckon. I think I'd happily say 'fifteen hundred' or 'eighteen hundred', but above 2,000 I'd say thousands and hundreds.


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    As an AE speaker, I tend to use the "hundreds" versions for nearly everything up to $9,900 -- but my BE-speaking wife never does and often finds it confusing when I do. Even after all this time. :)
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