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I'm writing an email to a Japanese teacher that is going to take care of me when I'll be staying in Japan and I want to write "Hello" in the subject column of this email. Which way of saying hello would be the most appropriate one? I suspect こんにちは is too "friendly"?
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    Hello, Kanojo

    I think こんにちは is very good. I don't think it too friendly. I think it is formal expression.

    By the way;
    If this is my first letter, I would use はじめまして , the meaning of which is "Nice to meet you."
    If this is my second letter or more, I use こんにちは.



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    はじめまして is a becoming expression to greet someone whom you see (or write, or call or whatever) for the first time.

    It is very good, kanojo_, that you've told us what exactly you are about to write. The subject (or 件名 in Japanese) is the first thing that one sees in an email and often the only thing. Nowadays, the Internet is flooded with nuisance messages called spam and no-one wishes to waste time reading about smut, drugs, secret bank accounts and a few thousand other rubbish.

    In order not to have my emails confused with spam emails, I usually add a few more words after はじめまして. My format is as follows:
    はじめまして MY NAMEです
    はじめまして BUSINESS

    The idea is to make your reader see who you are or what your business is before opening the email.


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    although the meaning is not strictly equivalent I would suggest you could also use
    as a title for your first mail to your future teacher.
    Do natives like this idea ?

    I don't know if it would make it look less like a spam or not, though


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    よそしくお願いいたします is better as a letter/e-mail body closing sentence, in my humble non-native opinion. But coincidentally, I do have a lot of spam in my Yahoo Japan account which the 件名 is 「よろしくね」 or 「よかったら宜しくです。」 so obviously someone thinks it is natural. :D