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  1. Ciao a tutti! Cosa significa :warn::warn:"sbrodare"? grazie
  2. Lavezzi Senior Member

    Ehm, ejaculate.
    Does it make any sense in your context.
  3. ehm
    Innanzitutto grazie
    Pensavo che volesse dire "orgasm"..
  4. prowlerxpla Senior Member

    Passo Genovese
    Italy Italian
    It comes from "brodo"=broth and it means that brodo goes out from the dish, for extension any liquid that usually contained inside something comes out is "sbrodare", a baby is eating is dirtying himself is sbrodare, a girl really turned on has the :warn: pussy wet "sta sbrodando" a man ejaculated "ha sbrodato" and the :warn:sperm is "sbroda". Usually is referred to umans and animals rarely to inanaimate things:).

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