Scale my skills up to its/ theirs zenith

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Tyrion Lann

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INDIA -Hindi
Hello folks.
Seeking an opportunity to scale my skills up to ' its/ theirs' zenith.

Its zenith sounds fine, but here I have used my skills - plural form - so, should I go with theirs.

Or, it would be great to write " to the summit or the zenith".
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  • suzi br

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    Who are you writing this for?
    It might work in a Marvel comic but it doesn’t sound very natural in a mere-mortal context.

    In general - skills are plural so “their” fits. I am less sure about zenith though. And even scaling up sounds unusual.


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    Scale up evidently is used with reference to skills. This is from a webpage of the International Labour Organization: “Workers need to scale up their skills, especially in STEM” (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). But it doesn’t seem to be widely used by people talking about themselves.
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