Scan the QR code with your cell phone.

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    This is a translation I received of "[FONT=open_regular]Scan the QR code with your cell phone.[/FONT]" into French, but I'd like some feedback if it is a good translation:

    [FONT=open_regular]Scannez le code QR avec votre téléphone portable.[/FONT]

    This is supposed to be shown on a thank-you card that is sent along with a purchased electronic item. The tone should be friendly and not too formal. Thank you!
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  2. Biguineur Senior Member

    Software user
    If it's a friendly tone you want, why talk about QR code ?
    Why not something like "découvrez votre surprise / cadeau ici" ?
    Or "c'est par ici que ça se passe -->".
  3. Michelvar

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    sounds good to me. We also say "QR code", both are used.

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