scarf-like silk

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Hello, I am working on a confidential file for Nina Ricci's new collection, but can someone explain the sentence in bold? Do they mean that the silk is very relaxed?

Tweed runs throughout the collection. Weaved onto organza for lightness, lurex for
shininess, enhanced by lace and printed on silk chiffon. Double-faced cashmere, dry and
felted wool, radzimir, cloqué lurex, washed lamé and scarf-like silk. Real fur and fake fur.
Light-catching embellishment forged with sparkling jet beads, sequins and crystal.

Thank you
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    Silk can be woven into heavy or lightweight fabrics. In this case, they are specifying that the fabric is lightweight as scarves are, and probably has a tendency to float as a scarf does, in the parts of the garment where there is extra fullness or a loose edge.
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