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The sentence I'm trying to translate is as follows:
"Blanka, as well as being faint-makingly gorgeous, was also slightly scarifying"
Je propose "Blanka, en plus d'être d'une beauté à se pâmer, était également légèrement traumatisante"...or should I just use 'scarifiante'??
  • wildan1

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    scarifying is not the normal word to be used here. The correct term is scary - effrayant.

    Literally scarify means to create shallow scars on the skin (scarifier). Figuratively it could mean scathing (cinglante), but not enough context to know.

    Did the author do this on purpose?


    The sentence comes from Toby Litt's 'Adventures of Capitalism', and Mr Litt uses the English language in a very inventive way! Here's a bit more context:
    "A Vivienne Westwood regular, Blanka, as well as being faint-makingly gorgeous, was also slightly - no, more than slightly - scarifying.
    Above the endearing Bambi-on-stilts swingsway of Blanka's supermodel legs, that fabulous upper body moved with the semi-Fascist precision of a self-acknowledged Aryan. 6' 3" - Golden - Snowy - Stacked : Blanka made everyone else at the party feel Semitic."
    i guess that's why I thought of 'traumatisante'..but I guess we could put "cinglante"
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