scarves of poppies


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There were other fields lying fallow and forgotten. Weeds sprouted among the growing vegetables, along with bright scarves of poppies, which I thought would eventually take over.
source: Fairy Tale by Stephen King

does scarves of poppies connote poppies grown in a ribbon/scarf pattern? or is a collective name of poppies?

Thank you.
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  • The field of poppies looks like a red scarf from a distance. I don't think they were intentionally grown in a pattern. It's a random shape that a red scarf might form when laid on the ground.
    It's not a common image - it's probably another of King's inventions. Poppies in some kind of form or arrangement that resembles a scarf if you're Stephen King.

    Here there are several squarish patches that someone might think look like scarves.
    Yes, don't read it too literally. Scarves wrap around and cover necks and these poppies cover the fields.