scarves of poppies


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There were other fields lying fallow and forgotten. Weeds sprouted among the growing vegetables, along with bright scarves of poppies, which I thought would eventually take over.
source: Fairy Tale by Stephen King

does scarves of poppies connote poppies grown in a ribbon/scarf pattern? or is a collective name of poppies?

Thank you.
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    The field of poppies looks like a red scarf from a distance. I don't think they were intentionally grown in a pattern. It's a random shape that a red scarf might form when laid on the ground.


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    It's not a common image - it's probably another of King's inventions. Poppies in some kind of form or arrangement that resembles a scarf if you're Stephen King.


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    Here there are several squarish patches that someone might think look like scarves.


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    Yes, don't read it too literally. Scarves wrap around and cover necks and these poppies cover the fields.