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I’m a mom trying to learn arabic with my toddler and a baby. We’re all girls.
For the Halloween season we need help. Can someone translate the following into fusha Arabic, and write in English how to pronounce it?
23. Is that scary?
24. Are those scary?
25. That is scary.
That’s all. Thank you.
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  • cherine

    Arabic (Egypt).
    That's scary : هذا مخيف haadha mukhiif.
    To make a question, just add "hal" at the beginning هل هذا مخيف?

    The plural is a bit more complicated, because if it's a group of object, we use the singular feminine مخيفة mukhiifa, and of course the rest of the sentence changes: haadhihi mukhiifa هذه مخيفة (the question marker "hal" remains the same).
    If it's a group of people: it would be هم مخيفون hum mukhiifuun if it's either an all-male group of a mixed gender group; and هن مخيفات hunna mukhiifaat for an all-female group. Again, "hal" is unchangeable.

    If the group is formed of two objects or person, we use the dual masculine or dual feminine. But I think this would be too confusing for you to add now. But if you need it, let us know. :)
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