Scavenger or Junk Dealer


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If someone picks up the junk from the garbage then he is called scavenger or ragpicker.
But If instead he goes directly to houses to buy junk ,will he then be called as a scavenger.
I think he should be as he still collects discarded items but I have heard junk dealer more often than scavenger in this case.

Thanks in anticipation.
  • Glenfarclas

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    If the person both buys and sells junk, I think most people would call him a junk dealer, scrap merchant, or equivalent term. I wouldn't use the word "scavenger" to describe a person who buys junk instead of searching for already-discarded items.

    suzi br

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    Around here we still call the one who has a van and calls on people's homes a rag and bone man, although I guess it is many years since any of them actually traded in bones!

    They cannot be called scavangers unless they are people turning over garbage in a rubbish dump of some sort.
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