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Hi, all I all. I have been studying the word scenic. It is a word related to nature, i.e, it belongs to nature. But, can a city, a big metropolitan city with skyscrapers have a scenic beauty or view, i.e, can we assume the beautful very high buildings a scenic view? What is the difference between scenic and picturesque?

Example sentence:Guilin University of Technology (GUT), founded in 1956, is situated in theworld-famous scenic city of Guilin.

Source: (it was hard to find examples)

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    We wouldn't normally use "scenic" in characterizing a city, but: According to Wikipedia, the city of Guilin is famous for its scenery, including parks, trees, and even mountains. I gather from other reading that the word "city" is used very differently in China from the way it's used in my country, and perhaps in your country as well. In China, what is called a "city" can be quite large (as large as one of our states) and may include lakes, mountains, and other scenic elements.

    So to answer your question: Yes, "scenic" normally describes natural beauty, not buildings.

    As to "picturesque": I suggest that you look it up in the WR dictionary and ask again if you're still puzzled.
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