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    Tag schön!

    What is the adjective of Schadenfreude?
    Schadenfreudig? Schadenfroh? Schadenfröhlich?

    I googled them and all three existed.
    Do they have slightly different meanings?



  2. Derselbe Senior Member

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    Schadenfreudig? :tick:
    Schadenfroh? :tick:
    Schadenfröhlich? :cross: (at least I never heard it)

    Schadenfreudig and schadenfroh mean basically the same. But I'd use schadenfreudig as an adverb and schadenfroh as an adjectiv, allthough this is not necessarily a real rule. I think it is reflecting the usage among natives.

    "Er schaute in schadenfreudig an."
    "Sei nicht immer so schadenfroh."
  3. MarX Banned

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    Danke Derselbe! :)

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