scheiden ... als potenzielle Straftäter aus


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Hello everyone and a very merry Christmas to you all !
I cannot fathom the overall sense of this phrase, which in its context, (the legal actions against war criminals) should mean the opposite of what I read :

„Die wenigen noch als lebend ermittelten Soldaten dieser Sondereinheit scheiden nach dem Ergebnis der Überprüfung als potenzielle Straftäter aus.“

"The few soldiers of this special unit still identified as alive will be eliminated as potential criminals, according to the results of the investigation."
Does the german mean they will not be prosecuted after all (for they won't be "eliminated", literaly, I guess !… they will be eliminated from a list of suspects ) ?

Thank you so much for shedding a light upon this conundrum :) !
Best regards,
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