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Buonasera, How could I translate "scheme of work" as in what I hope to do throughout the year with my learners?
Grazie in anticipo.
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    This is one of those great BE phrases, that when I hear it, I don't perfectly understand it for a second.
    "Scheme" in AE often has a negative connotation, and "Scheme" in BE is how we would say "plan" in AE.
    I hear "scheme" all the time on TV when they discuss "government plans".
    (I love those AE/BE differences!)

    So the equivalent AE phrases might be:
    Plan of work
    Plan of work for the year
    Yearly plan

    So I think Lorena's (Hi!:)) ""Piano di lavoro"/"Progetto di lavoro"" work, but I also wonder about:
    Piano dell'anno
    Piano per l'anno


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    Hi Tim:), I agree that in this specific context it could be "Programma (di lavoro) per l'anno 2011" (I think you meant this, Tim...?)


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    Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I have only just discovered this forum and I am finding it difficult to pull myself away from it. It's brilliant and I have learnt so much from reading replies other members have given. I think I will go with "piano o programma di lavoro per l'anno scolastico 2011."
    Grazie a tutti per le risposte che mi avete suggerito. Un grandissimo aiuto.