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    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the use of Schmuck. Is it used to refer to jewellery as a whole, or can it be used to indicate a specific piece of jewellery, as in "this jewel" => "dieser Schmuck". If not, how do I say, for instance, "a golden jewel", can I say "ein Goldschmuck", or do I have to say "ein Schmuckstück"?

    In fact, if someone could clarify the difference in uses between "Schmuck", "Schmuckstück" and "Juwel".

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Schmuck (jewellery) is not countable.

    "Schau mal, der Juwelier hat schönen Goldschmuck."
    "Dieser Silberschmuck gefällt mir."

    Schmuckstück (a piece of jewellery) is countable.

    "Dieses Schmuckstück mag ich sehr."

    Juwel is a gemstone but it can also be used figuratively to say something is very precious.
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    Thanks a lot. That cleared it up!
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