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Salve. Oltre che "colto, istruito, intellettuale", è necessario aggiungere come traduzione italiana, quando ci si riferisce a libri, riviste, carriere ecc., anche "accademico": scholarly book/journal", in italiano, va tradotto per forza come "libro/giornale accademico", e così pure "scholarly career" è "carriera accademica", non certo "carriera colta" o "carriera intellettuale".
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    English team: I think we need to add at least one new sense with the meaning "relative to academia". What do you think?
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    Thank you for your message. I've made some changes to the second sense we have for scholarly, which I think should make it clearer. These changes will go to our translation teams for review. Once that's been done, they will appear in the dictionaries the next time they are updated.