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    When the participants were university students, is the use of the word "school" acceptable in the following sentence?

    The participants of the study were from classes of different instructors, academic majors, and schools.

    Or do I definitely have to say "universities"?
  2. entangledbank

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    It depends on your audience. In AmE universities are schools, but in BrE they are not.
  3. Myridon

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    With no other context, "schools" is all kinds of schools for all ages. It can sometimes means parts of a single university as well (the school of music, the school of business administration, ...)
    ("classes" is not making much sense either.)
  4. DonnyB

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    If you mean that the participants were from different universities, then you need to say "universities" and not "schools".
    However some UK universities do have schools - for example London University's School of African and Oriental Studies. So in that context it would be in order to say "schools".
  5. Swarovski Member

    Chinese - Mandarine
    Many thanks for your help. One thing I love about this forum is that I can hear perspectives from people in various parts of the world and learn how one word is used differently in different regions of the world. :)
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