school break ordered by dean/president

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Hi there,

We have this thing in my country whereby (usually) once a semester, we get a day off as per the instructions of the dean of the faculty and another day where the same thing happens, but for the whole school, ordered by the president of the university. (It's usually because there is some special series of events going on that day; for the break ordered by the dean it's usually what we call a sports day where you get to partake in all kinds of sports activities on school premises.)

My question is: what would you call a hiatus/break from classes like these in English? Do you perhaps have something similar in the US/Canada (/Australia/the UK/Ireland/South Africa etc. :-D).
For now I can't come up with anything better than a "break ordered by the dean/president" and, to put it in a sentence, something along the lines of
"No classes that day, dean's giving us the day off." etc.

Your input is much appreciated, thanks in advance. :)
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    All such breaks, in my experience, are usually referred to as "a day off", sometimes followed by an explanation.
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