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  1. Katey Senior Member

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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to come up with a translation for our schools divisions.

    1. Early Years - ages 3 & 4
    2. Primary Years - 5-7
    3. Intermediate Years - 8-10
    4. Middle School - 11-13
    5. Upper School - 14-18 years old

    Private Schools tend to divide their programs at different ages and use different names. There is no consistency. This is for our school webpage. We'd like to have it in Spanish as well as English. The native Spanish speakers on our staff are not having an easy time with this. Nobody's going to be very critical so we can be creative.


  2. gonza123 Senior Member

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    Into spanish ?
    Well there are many countries with I'm sure many different education systems, but as far as Argentina goes:
    Jardín de Infantes - ages 3-5 (kindergarten)
    Colegio Primario / Escuela Primaria - ages 6 -12
    Colegio Secundario / Escuela Secundaria - ages 12-17

    At least this is the traditional division... politicians are changing it all over again...

    Hope it helps
  3. Katey Senior Member

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    Thanks Gonza.

    It's trickier than that though. We didn't want to use Primaria or Secundaria because they cover a wide range of ages. For instance what can we call our program that is only for 8-10 year olds? I know that it doesn't match the divisions in other countries. It doesn't even match the divisions of most US schools. Still, is there a phrase that would give the sense of it so that it might be a little easier for Spanish speaking grandparents to find their way around on the site?
  4. ElGato

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    Just a suggestion to get you going. Good luck! EG

  5. Katey Senior Member

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    Thanks. I like that. Of course, it's a little confusing having intermediate and intermedia be different divisions. Maybe I'll change the English name for 8 - 10 year olds. It's fun being arbitrary.

  6. lauranazario

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    Hi Katey... and welcome to the forum.

    You will notice I have changed your thread's title (it used to read just "school divisions") to include the actual terms you need help with. Including the terms (or a phrase, when applicable) is customary here at WordReference for two important reasons:
    1) it assists our dictionaries' Search function
    2) it provides at-a-glance thread differentiation

    So please keep this recommendation in mind when you open your next threads... and we thank you in advance for your future cooperation in this regard. :thumbsup:

  7. jaimichu Senior Member

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    Qué curioso Gonza:
    En España decimos "Jardín de infancia" y no de "infantes", aunque sí se mantiene también el término alemán "Kindergarten"... no sé por qué porque aquí no tenemos inmigrantes alemanes como en Argentina, sólo los jubilados de la costa Mediterránea :)
    Además, en vez de "Colegio primario" y "Colegio secundario" hablamos de "Enseñanza primaria" y "Enseñanza secundaria".
    Qué curioso ¿verdad? Algún día deberíamos sentarnos a hablar los hispanoparlantes para ponernos de acuerdo y llamar igual a este tipo de cosas ¿no creen?

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