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In school it seemed everyone was still in the phase of considering Catherine’s death a drama laid on for their own entertainment. Walking to the house room to dump her coat Sally could hear them whispering in corners, passing on rumours and gossip. It made her sick.
Source: Raven Black by Ann Cleeves
Place: High School, Ravenswick, Shetland

house room is BrE term for the commonly known homeroom or advisory, which is the classroom session in which a teacher records attendance and makes announcement, right?

Thank you.
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    I guess, though nowadays we’d call it a ‘tutor room’ or ‘form room’, and the actual session ‘tutor/form period/time’.


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    When I was at school, we all had "form rooms" in which tasks such as registration were carried out. I think "homeroom" is very much an AE equivalent.

    But am I not right in thinking this school in the novel is a boarding school? In which case it would almost certainly have "houses" into which the pupils, or at least the boarders, were grouped, and a "house room" would be where all the administrative tasks were undertaken. :)

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    There is a high school on Lerwick which has a boarding section. Day schools have houses too, notional ones to foster competition. There aren't 'house rooms' though and why would a teacher be hanging up her coat in any room. If it is an adminstrative room in a boarding house, one would think the novel would make the circumstances clear. There are several unclear terms in this book.
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