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When someone says, "Bring your own supplies in order to finish this school project." What should I have in mind about school project? That is, what should I visualize on school project? What kind of protect is it? Thaks.
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    You can be given a profect in any subject at school. A Geography project might be to do some research on Australia; an English project might be to find out about e.e.cummings; a Science project might be to build a small wind turbine. The possibilities are endless!

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    A project will often contain several components. A paper on e. e. cummings would not be considered a project. But, if you created, for example, a poster or powerpoint to go with it would then be considered a project. Either of these without the paper might be considered a project.

    Here are some other examples related to a specific research topic. Suppose the students are researching early settlers. They might create a village replica, clothing replicas, create a skit set in that time period, create a bulletin board, create a map showing the path of travel. There are many other possibilities.

    Orange Blossom
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