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Can any of the motor experts on this forum help me with this one, please? It's contrasted with "Komfortstart/Kalt- und Heißstart" and "Emissionsstart/Schnellstart", but there's no further context.

Looking around on the Web, I find the following possible definition:

"Bei einem Schwerstart wird das Startmoment vorzugsweise in einer temperaturabhängigen Kennlinie bestimmt. Bei dieser Startart kann das maximal mögliche Startmoment der elektrischen Maschine angefordert werden, um das sogenannte Losreißmoment für die Brennkraftmaschine zu überschreiten."

Many thanks if anyone can oblige. "Heavy start"? "Hard start"?
  • Sounds like an "extreme" cold start at very low temperatures. The combustion engine starts with the help of the electrical engine (hybrid cars) if one of the crucial temperatures is below a certain treshold.

    Anyway I haven't found any other source with "Schwerstart". If you have to translate the patent itself then you can invent a word. :D
    Unfortunately, for once, it's not the patent I'm translating, but thanks for the input. I suppose "heavy" might make some sort of sense, or at least be comprehensible.
    The context give few clues but could Schwerstart work as "starting under load"?
    The context give few clues but could Schwerstart work as "starting under load"?

    What does it exactly refer to?
    under load=unter Last

    The engine worked at the limit, was switched off and started again? = That would be "Heißstart" in German.
    Or starting the engine and letting it run at the limit without letting the oil and water heat up?