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Hello! I'm reading an American book (actually trying to translate it), but I can't make out the precise meaning of "science 101" in the following sentence:

"His critique raised the most rudimentary Science 101 objection to the unquestioning acceptance of the theory"

Can anybody help me, please?
Thanks in advance.
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    Many university courses which teach the introductory level of a subject have the number 101. So, Science 101 would be a way of expressing the idea that it is a very basic objection.


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    "Science 101" is a general reference to the first or most basic university course in science. In real life, different universities number these courses differently.

    According to the author, beginning students with little or no training in science might make the objection he raises in his critique.

    (Please remember to name the source of any quotation.)


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    Because of the numbering system used by many but by no means all American colleges and universities, "<subject> 101" is an Americanism for the basic knowledge or beginning level of study of something, even if it's not usually a university course: You could say that mulching is "gardening 101" to indicate that it's something that even an inexperienced or beginning gardener should know to do.
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