Scienza delle Merendine


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Hi, anybody has any idea of how to render the expression "scienza delle merendine"??? It refers to a topic which even if it is not worth studying, it is indeed an academic course.

this is the entire phrase:

Aveva iniziato anche a studiare qualcosa tipo… “abilità relazionali” (può essere un corso di università?? un po’ come dire scienza delle merendine (scherzo). Non ne aveva bisogno perché lui è così.

My first attempt would be:

He even begun studying something like "PR skills" (Can that really be a university course?? it sounds like ........ - I'm joking. Anyway, he did not need it because he is already like that.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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    The dictionary says scienza is pronounced without the i, i.e. like the first syllable in scendere (to descend). Is this really correct? I would have expected the i to be pronounced.
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