scienze e tecnologie agrarie, agroalimentari e forestali

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Hi everybody!
Can you please help me in translating -Scienze e tecnologie agrarie, agroalimentari e forestali-? I'm translating a qualification certificate, and I need to show that the owner of this certificate was allowed to take the vocational exam since he holds a degree belonging to that "group".
Having a look on dictionary, I found that -Agricultural, food farming and forest sciences and engineering- maybe maybe sounds good... does it look too maccheronico? I preferred to translate -tecnologie- with -engineering- because our subjects were really most like plants and so on, and maybe the word -technology- would be more general and undefined...
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    Scienze e tecnologie agrarie, agroalimentari e forestali

    One way you might handle it would be just with:
    Agricultural science and technology

    Another would be:
    Forest and agricultural science and technology
    (agroalimentari would be a part of "agricultural")

    You can google with
    degree agricultural science technology
    and see a ton of examples.

    From my perspective, "engineering" would sound a little odd here.
    Let's see what others might say...
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