scope for autonomous learning

Offering the pupils a sense of purpose and progression, and a scope for autonomous learning, would be some other benefits of the English coursebooks in English primary classes.

Can I say that? By scope for autonomous learning I mean the self-learning environment a coursebook offers.
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    Hi Contessina - no, I don't think "scope" is the right word here.
    maybe - an opportunity/ a resource for ...

    (also not very clear what you mean by "autonomous learning" in this context - maybe you should open another thread on that :rolleyes:)
    Thank you Joan. Autonomous learning is one of the skills listed in the curriculum of the Spanish primary schools. That is why I need to talk about it. I wanted to say that using a book in class offers a possibility of self-learning at home. Thanks for you answer!


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    OK. Autonomous may be a proper translation for the Spanish word (I'm assuming it's "autónomo") but honestly, in the context of primary grade education, we would not use that word here. Independent learning or self-directed learning are my suggestions.
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