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    I know that a colonoscopy is a colonoscopia done with a colonoscopio. But often medical forms say "a scope...." when talking in generalities. Should I use the word "scopio" by itself in those cases when I translate the word "scope"? Somehow this suffix alone doesn't sound right.

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    No, "scopio" is not an Spanish word and it's not used as "term".

    We need the complete sentence where this word is in order to help you with the best translation or synonym that express what you want to say.

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    "The scope has a light source as well as fiber optics that allow pictures from inside the colon to be projected...."

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    Hola. "El escopio tiene...".
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    I've had this same question for a while. How do you say "scope" in Spanish when it is used in a general medical sense? For example, a doctor says, "I will use a lighted scope to visualize your gastrointestinal tract." I know the word "scopio" doesn't exist in Spanish, but I don't think "escopio" does either.
    Here are my ideas:

    el mirador
    la sonda (I think when people say this, they usually mean "catheter", but I know it means "probe" too, which is like a "scope", right?
    el endoscopio (I don't know if this can be used to refer to any kind of scope or just an endoscope.)

    I would appreciate any suggestions!

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