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The open online test is a 30-question adaptive exam, so each test taker’s questions are adjusted in difficulty according to his or her previous correct and incorrect answers. The non-adaptive placement test is 70 questions in length. All scores have been validated against EF’s course levels. The
test administration is identical for both tests, with test takers completing the exam on computers.

What does " validated against" mean in this paragraph. They are talking about Education First English Proficiency Test.

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    It should mean that people who achieve similar scores on the exam belong in the same course. People with higher scores will do well in more difficult courses that are designed for students with their aptitude. People with lower scores should be placed in less difficult courses.

    To say that the scores are "validated against" the courses means that the scores provide accurate information about what course to assign the students to. The score should provide a good assessment of how well the student understands the material.
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