Scorfano e scampi

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  1. sarastef New Member

    Do you know how to translate risotto with "scorfano e scampi"? thanks
  2. winnie

    winnie Senior Member

    italy, italian
    the scientific name of 'scorfano rosso' (see attached image) is scorpaena scrofa, a web research for scorpa(e)na scofa gives european hogfish as result; an analog resarch for nephrops norvegicus (scampo) gives Norway lobster though i heard 'prawn' a lot of time for it.

    risotto IMHO remains risotto

    risotto con scorfano e scampi = hogfish & prawns (Norvay lobsters) risotto

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  3. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    That's right Winnie. We actually call scorfano scorpion fish for culinary purposes. Scampi are prawns (Norwegian lobster), and I think Americans call them shrimp. So in English that would be Risotto with scorpion fish and prawns/shrimp.
  4. Juri Senior Member

    Koper, near Trieste
    Scorpion fish is OK
    Dictionaries are a bit confused with "prawn". They translate it with"gamberoni" and "scampi"but they are different fishes.Impossible f.i.
    make a prawn cocktail with gamberoni!!
    The same is with "lobster",translated with twoartropoda fishes:aragosta (Palinurus vulgaris)=spiny lobster, and astice(Homarus vulgaris)= lobster
    for Shrimp(Crangon)we say gamberetti.(Idioms are possible)
  5. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    Juri, I think it is the large prawns that are translated as scampi. The small ones are gamberetti.
  6. Juri Senior Member

    Koper, near Trieste
    I agree with Charles, it's our use. Nevertheless it is not possibe ever relay
    on dictionaries.
  7. olafolafsson New Member

    Icelandic, Iceland (now livingin in Spain)

    I work in the seafood sector, selling frozen seafood to Italy.

    Concerning Scorfano... pls bear in mind that though the "original" scorfano may be the "scorpio fish" ... nowadays most of the scorfano sold and eaten is either of the species (latin names) sebastes marinus and sebastes mentella. The word scorfano applies to all these species according to current italian legislation as well. Scorfano translates into english as "Redfish".

    Concerning "scampi" it seems to be frequently mixed in the UK with prawns. In Italy normally the "scampi" term refers to Nephrops Norvegicus... which is a type of lobster (it has two powerful claws -shrimps/prawns have no such thing). The scampi is normally from Scotland, Denmark, Iceland and Ireland.

    Therefore, risotto with redfish and lobster... would probably be a good description.

    Hope this helps,

    best regards,

  8. Akire72

    Akire72 Senior Member

    Florence, Italy
    Italian - Italy
    I'd love to have a "Scorpion/Red-fish and Norwegian lobster risotto", please!

    I quote a film, whose title I forgot:

    "Did you know that lobsters and shrimps are biologically identical?"
    How can they be??? They look different!!!
  9. Juri Senior Member

    Koper, near Trieste
    Good and iteresting qualifying statement, Olaf!
    But you don't know, lobsters from Sardinia and from Dalmatia. They are excellent, because the Adriatic,jointly with Mediterranean, is a more salted sea. The lobsters in Cuba f.i.are cheap but not so tasty.
    So we take advantage of the opportunity to go to Croatia to eat fresh lobsters and shrimps of the Kvarner gulf, better then the frozen, from the North Europe.

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