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    I am having no success figuring this out from online sources. What is the Scots Gaelic for "Scottish by marriage?" I am trying to design a t-shirt for my daughter-in- law with three national flags--for her ancestry, her husband's (my son's) ancestry, and USA.
    Many thanks and slainte mhath.
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    I cannot answer this myself, but have put out feelers for an answer to this.

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    We have an answer.

    Scottish by marriage is "Albannach troimh pòsadh" Phonetically: Allabannach troiv pawsagh or thereabouts. The lady who came up with this is a leading light of the Dundee Gaelic Choir, with which I have done a few 'gigs'.

    Good luck with it.

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    I've just checked, the preposition tro/troimh is followed by lenition (consonantal mutation), so "pòsadh" should change to "phòsadh", pronounced with an /f/ sound.

    Another example:
    ceòl (= music)
    troimh cheòl (= through music)
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    Thanks to both! Thanks for picking up my question! [I just barely know a tiny bit about lenition, enough to say "slainte mhath" (vah) instead of math.] So, the trilingual t-shirt I am designing for my daughter-in-law will say "Mexicana por linaje / Albannach troimh phosadh / American by the Grace of God" and will be accompanied by the Bandera Mexicana, the Saltire, and the Stars and Stripes. And yes, I noticed the grave accent and will insist on it when the shirt is printed, but don't know how to produce it in this program.
    Again, tapadh leibh!

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