Scottish: Aensland


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Hello everyone :)

How do you pronounce the surname Aensland?

It comes from a character called, Morrigan Aensland and Lilith Aensland.

Thanks in Advance!
  • It doesn't look familiar to me at all. I certainly can't think of any real people with that name. However, if I were to have a guess at how to pronounce it, I'd either try /ˈeɪnzlənd/ or /ˈɛnzlənd/ (where "eɪ" is like "ay" in English "day"; "ə" like the unstressed "uh" that occurs throughout English; and "ɛ" like the "e" in English "ten").

    If you want to give it a bit of a stronger Scottish sound, drop the "d" off the end to make it sound more like /ˈeɪnzlən/, or touch the "d" as lightly as possible.