Scottish Gaelic: Knowledge is Power


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Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to look. I need help in a translation into Scottish Gaelic. I am getting a tatoo and I want it to be right. The phrase I want translated is "Knowledge is Power". I have found it in Latin which is extremely close, but I want to make sure. Any help you could give me would be great. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
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    Hey Berts,

    I´ll write what it is in Irish because as you probably know yourself it´s very similar to Scots Gaelic:

    Is cumhacht í an eolas.

    Maybe that´ll help you a wee bit,


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    Looking at those Scottish dictionaries, it seems that comhacht is written cumhachd is Scotland.
    And Scottish Gaelic uses grave accents, rather than accute.
    so: Is comhachd i an eòlas would be pretty close.