Scottish Gaelic: When we're on the road there's no stopping us


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Hi i had "When we're on the road there's no stopping us" translated in to Scottish Gaelic.would appriciate if someone could confirm the translation


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    The translation is "Nuair a tha sinn air an rathad chan eil doigh stad a chur oirnn".
    When we're on the road there's no stopping us.

    Thanks again

    Hello again rags1,
    Scottish Gàidhlig is quite different from Irish, so I won't pretend to be able to correct the translation from the other forum. Only at a glance it's missing a the odd síneadh fada on broad vowels (á, ó, ú) & slender ones (é, í), which doesn't help, as the use of accents (sínte fada) is not optional in Gaelic. We do get quite a few translation requests for tattoos on-line, my feelings about these are stated in the following warning.
    Warning : It is not a good idea to tattoo any phrase on your body that has been translated/transliterated from another language.
    While it may sound quite smart in English, it is probaly going to sound clumsy or contrived if translated literally.
    Why not root around the internet for a genuine Scottish proverb that expresses what you feel, then use that instead?

    One example from thousands of Scottish Gàidhlig proverbs available :
    Bhith beò beathail ged nach bitheadh tu beò ach leth-uair.
    To live life to the full, though you would only live a half hour.

    Good luck anyway. oh and don't forget the odd "á é í ó ú Á É Í Ó Ú" or two. ;)
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