Scottish Gaelic: You do not fall


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I want the original Scots Gaelic last line of the prayer that begins 'As the rain hides the stars' (complete version below) - in other words, a translation for 'you do not fall'.* My own feeble attempt is

tu na tuislich

- but I'm probably just showing my ignorance.

Any suggestions please?

And pretty please, how to pronounce it?

Thank you!


As the rain hides the stars,
as the autumn mist hides the hills,
as the clouds veil the blue of the sky,
so the dark happenings of my lot
hide the shining of your face from me.
Yet, if I may hold thy hand in the darkness,
it is enough, since I know that, though
I may stumble in my going,
You do not fall.

* I reckon 'you' is probably 2nd person not 4th (= English 'thou').
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