scramble or climb up/down a rope

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What verb should be used to describe a person moving up a rope using hands and feet?

1) John scrambled up the rope onto the roof.
2) John climbed up the rope onto the roof.

It seems that "climb" should be used. But when I say "climb", I imagine somebody putting his feet on the wall ("walking" up it) and grabbing the rope only with his hands.
Perhaps there is the right word I don't know.

What word should be used if the person is moving down the rope?

Thanks in advance.
  • Franco-filly

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    Scrambled does not fit here. Climb is fine as most native readers would understand the technique used to climb a rope. Otherwise you could say "pulled / hauled himself up the rope" which might indicate that he was not an accomplished rope-climber. I would use "slide down" for descending a rope in this context i.e. " John slid down.."
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