1. iaskwwjd New Member

    Scotland english
    1) scrap that=forget about that one=throw (that idea) out
    2) scrap that=i've changed my mind, like when ordering food

    is there a 'french' way of saying the two?


    all i can attemt is j'ai changé d'avis...or...j'ai ravisé

    but i tend to change my mind a lot and would like to be able to say this at a café

    thankyou in advance
  2. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    Non, efface! is what I often say
  3. vanagreg Senior Member

    France, French
    Never heard this before!

    1) laisse tomber
    2) j'ai changé d'avis is fine, and is polite

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