scratching an itch

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  1. Rodvar Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    Hi again! In this article I´m translating about a new Israeli documentary film by an Ultra-orthodox Jew which deals with Judaism´s prohibition of masturbation, there is a subheading which I don´t know whether I should translate it literally.

    It says:

    Scratching an itch

    "For Gruder, becoming observant put an end to his yearning. “I think that every artist is actually a person who is agitated, expressing outwardly the things that cause him to be agitated,” he says, recalling that after he became observant, he left his job in television, turned down one job offer after another, and devoted himself to religious study. But that tranquillity lasted only for about a year. “The rabbis who guided me realized that at, a certain point, I needed to go back to work because the agitation had come back,” he says. “I’m lucky I had a rabbi who understood me. He told me, ‘Listen, you have to start working again or you won’t be calm.’ I also felt that something was really burning inside me, that I needed something more. So the rabbi told me, ‘You need to go back to working in the field you worked in.’”

    Is the meaning of "scratching an itch" literal? How would you translate it?

    Thank you.
  2. scbarbara Senior Member

    Baleares Spain
    English Great Britain
    "Calmando un picor" ?! o quizás "Calmando una necesidad "

    Anyone got any other ideas?
  3. Rodvar Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    I see what the writer means. Thank you!
  4. scbarbara Senior Member

    Baleares Spain
    English Great Britain
    :) You're welcome!
  5. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    San Francisco
    American English
    Perhaps: satisfacer un deseo.
  6. scbarbara Senior Member

    Baleares Spain
    English Great Britain
    Hmm that's a good one . I like that better.
  7. Rodvar Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    As I wanted to keep a figurative language, I chose "Saciar la necesidad".
  8. EddieZumac

    EddieZumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Si te pica, rasca.
  9. Milton Sand

    Milton Sand Senior Member

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Español (Colombia)
    Creo que yo habría dicho: «saciar/calmar la gana».
    Incluso, como subtítulo: «Darle gusto a la gana».

  10. Rodvar Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    I know there can be a lot of ways to translate it, from the most literal to the most idiomatic translation. The thing is that I´ve already sent that translation to my client. Thank you very much indeed.

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